Tractors of the Zetor brand began to write their history in the post-war period. In September 1946 Chamber of Commerce and Trade of the Czechoslovak Republic issued a trademark for the Zetor brand.

The brand was born easily and simply: as the transcript of the letter "Z", used in the logo of the Brno Zbrojovka engineering plant where the first tractors were made, combined with the last two letters of the word "tractor". In 1954 the research and development base was founded for Zetor.

Since 2002, Zetor Tractors a.s. has been owned by the Slovak Company HTC holding a.s. and produced in Brno, Czech Republic. Worldwide Zetor is represented by seven subsidiaries, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, North America and India.

In 2015, Zetor Tractors a.s. introduced the new design concept Zetor by Pininfarina which will be applied to all model ranges.

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