Renault 4 Costero by Sinpar [MX-spec] '1968–77
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Версия Plein Air, выпускавшаяся в Мексике под именем Costero.

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30 марта 2017 г.
Renault 4 Costero by Sinpar


After the war, the Mexican government set about creating a national industrial sector. Consequently, in 1951 the state-owned company Diesel Nacional (DINA) was created to build rail equipment, trucks and busses. On 15 January 1960, as the government forbade imports of complete vehicles, Renault went through difficult negotiations to sign a licencing contract with DINA. The assembly line was located 100 km from Mexico City at Ciudad Sahagun in the high plains of the Northeast (2,450 m). The city was haphazardly cobbled together at great cost toindustrialise a neglected region. In June 1962, the Dauphine was joined by the Renault 4 limousine and van in their 845 cc versions, then the Renault 8 and even Alpine mini-saloons. All these cars were considered to have been "nationalised" by the Mexican government! The factory also handled advertising and distribution. One of the advantages of this captive market was that, at the beginning of 1965, the Federal District purchased 300 Renault 4s and distributed among the 30 states to provide medical and social assistance and 100 others for the Mexican telephone company. In late 1966, the subsidiary Renault Mexicana took the reins and boosted sales, which rose to a 9% market share. The Renault 4 accounted for between a quarter and a tenth of total production, varying from year to year. An estimated 20,000 Renault 4 saloons and 7,500 vans were produced between 1962 and 1977.

Particular features of Mexican Renault 4s: "Star" hubcaps from the first French models up through the 1970s; "Plein Air" version dubbed the "4 Costero"; the last models had front fenders equipped with a small bull bar and off-set stops.

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